More and more developers are searching for solutions to easily implement OCR features into their mobile applications. Since Google released Tesseract as an Open Source OCR Engine, it has been the go-to OCR solution. Although it was painful to implement and to modify, there weren’t too many free and powerful OCR alternatives on the market. Despite the lack of a proper documentation, difficulties to implement in mobile and the need of pre-processing of all images, tesseract gained popularity among OCR developers.
It is time however to make OCR implementation a bit less painful and more fun, with more support, automated image pre-processing and the flexibility for a variety of use cases. With the Anyline® SDK.

Below you can find more specific differences, but don’t take our word for it. Download the Anyline® SDK and the AnyOCR Font and start implementing your own OCR feature and see for yourself! 

tesseract versus anyline