Scan Driving License

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scan driving license

As of 2013, the European Union has a standardized driving license across the member countries instead of the 100 different models it had before. Now it is easier to identify the infos on the driving license as all countries have the same abbreviations.  

With this standardization, it is easier than ever to scan the letters and numbers on each driving license across the EU. Knowing exactly the number of lines (9) and most of the information structure e.g. birthdate (xxxx-xx-xx) the scanning process is optimized perfectly.

Especially mobile devices can improve processes by substituting tedious writing and typing with a real-time scan.

Scan Driving License for Civil Service

The police has to check hundreds of driving licenses on the roadside. This process should be as fast and efficient as possible. It is much easier for the police officials to scan driving licenses with a smartphone and to get the data output within a second. It makes their work more efficient and it would populate all the information needed (fine, warning, date/location of control) automatically in the system.

Scan Driving License for Car Rental and Dealer

For renting a car the company has to be sure that the driver has a license – not just for the safety but for the insurance in case of an accident as well. Improve the workflow by just scanning the driver license and e.g. the VIN number of the rented car and the registration is done in a minute.

If you’re planning to buy a certain car, you want to take a ride with your future car. Therefor the dealer has the responsibility to check the driving license as well. For a better user experience on both sides – customer and dealer – the driving license scanning is the perfect support.

Scan Driving License for Insurance

After buying a car there are still a lot formal things to do such as the vehicle insurance. A lot of information are needed for the application form e.g. of the driving license, license plate number and VIN. With our software it’s possible to scan all this letters and numbers fast and accurate. It’s not just time saving – it’s an innovation for digital data input.