OCR Solutions

Find the perfect plan for your OCR solution

The Anyline SDK is split into 5 products that cater to your needs and industry requirements. Anyline offers distinct and advanced Optical Character Recognition solutions!

Psssst, want to build your own solution? Check out the Do-It-Yourself OCR below!

The Anyline DIY-SDK can easily be adjusted by your developers or your app development agency to scan any kind of text or numbers you want.

up to 25.000 scans starting at €  1,499/year

You can’t find your special use case in our product range?
For bigger projects we offer special support and customization packages.

Pricing depends on the use case, scan volume, etc.

Your individual package depends on the yearly scan amount and the required features.
Anyline calculates with a progressive pricing model. This means the higher scan volume becomes, the cheaper the price per scan gets.
Every licence will be invoiced per app project and can be bought for every platform (Android, iOS, etc.) .