The state-of-the-art OCR Font

AnyOCR is perfectly readable – for both machines and humans.
AnyOCR is the best OCR font available.
AnyOCR is the ONLY OCR font that’s FREE!

OCR-B and OCR-A have been the standard for machine readable fonts for a very long time now. As we strive for innovation, creating a more modern and more pleasant machine readable font is the logical step to take. While designing AnyOCR the most important aspect was the aesthetics of the OCR font. Making the world readable and understandable for machines should not end in having to accept outdated designs. OCR-B and OCR-A were designed back in 1968, which is a long time ago when we think about how fast the digital world changes.

OCR Font Anyline Crossword Image

Contemporary & elegant OCR font by Anyline

AnyOCR works in perfect synchronisation with text recognition and OCR algorithms of existing software solutions. In order to keep possible errors to a minimum, numbers and letters differ from each other in the best way possible. The kerning is another important aspect. The letters of AnyOCR’s current version are aligned in a perfect grid. The focus makes this specific OCR font ideal for use cases that evolve around serial number scanning, product labels and more use cases that are specialised to their respective industries.

The OCR font works best with the Anyline® SDK, which can be downloaded for free as well. It enables quick testing of mobile optical character recognition that is already perfectly trained to work with AnyOCR.