If you google around about OCR for a while, most likely you will stumble upon Abbyy Cloud OCR. Abbyy has been a household name in the field of OCR since 1989, when they started developing a proprietary OCR software, specialized in document scanning.

However, the needs of the market when it comes to OCR, have been steadily changing, and companies who can quickly adapt, cover several use cases, respect users’ privacy will be the ones to conquer the market. On this page we want to give you a brief overview of the key differences between Anyline® SDK and Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK, focusing on the platforms they are available on, data handling and use case coverage.

We also have two sections, one focusing on developers and the other on enterprise users. In case you want to see for yourself, you can download the Anyline® SDK and our new AnyOCR font for free.

abbyy versus anyline